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[scrubbed].onion and log level

I have a friend here and we're trying to debug a TorChat connection. We had it 
working once, then I'm trying to talk him through editing his config. He 
doesn't show up on my TorChat, and I show up as a blue ball on his. So I 
looked at the log file to see what's happening. It says "Tried for 120 
seconds to get a connection to [scrubbed]:11009." The problem with that is, I 
have other people in my buddy list, at least one of whom isn't on line, and I 
have no way of knowing when it's my friend that I'm having trouble connecting 
to. So I changed the log level to info, then to debug, reloaded Tor, then 
restarted it. I still get "[scrubbed]", even in the info messages, and the 
debug messages are way too much to wade through. How can I (temporarily) tell 
Tor not to scrub the hidden services?

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