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Re: Sent e-mails going into spam folders.

Am 07.02.2011 20:00, schrieb Matthew:
> I am wondering to what degree people on this list have problems with
> e-mails going into spam folders because they are using tor nodes.

Many Tor nodes are listet in some anti-spam DNSBL. We have had a
discussion here about SORBS DNSBL some times ago. All tor nodes are
listet in the "The Abusive Hosts Blocking List" www.ahbl.org

The IP address of the tor exit node appears in the mail header. It is
the senders IP addres.

If the recipients mail provider uses a DNSBL which contains many tor
nodes the mail will be flagged as spam.

You can use a clean exit node for sending mail with SMTP. Check your
prefered exit nodes at http://www.dnsbl.info/dnsbl-database-check.php
If it is not listet, you can add a map address to your torrc:

  MapAddress smtp.provider.tld smtp.provider.tld.$6D3EE...(Fingerprint)

The GPF keeps one exit node clean from DNSBL. The tor node gpfTOR3 is
only listet at www.ahbl.org (impossible to remove it, because all nodes
are listet). You can use this if you did not find an other.

ATTENTION: It will decrease your privacy! Use only very well trusted nodes.

(I did found an other solution for SMTP)

Karsten N.

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