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Feedback and Suspicions about Tor...

Simply because every good thing needs checks, balances and feedback.

> Thus spoke Msr. Bennett:
> The tor project until very lately has always promoted end user
> understanding and responsibility. Now the project *appears* to
> be undergoing a major philosophical change toward nannying the
> tor user community, a direction I find very unappealing, to say
> the least. Horrifying might be a more appropriate word.

Anonymity systems are potentially disruptive, facilitative of change,
etc. People should not be surprised if *any* such system exhibits
*any* such odd behaviors or deviations from norms. It would of
course be nice if they were spoken.

Tor seems to be doing a good job indicating the usefulness and
application of anonymity to a wide variety of potential users.
Moreso than before. But it does hesitate from suggesting that it
can be used as a check and balance within the user's own particular
state. Which is certainly an equally valid and worthy use case.

Why does Tor not use a fully distributed model? Seems it's allowing
itself to be shutdown by shutting down the Directory Authorities.
And allowing censorship of any given .onion through the cooperation
or coercion of same. Perhaps these are not true, or have been
addressed technically elsewhere, for which a link would be welcome.
Then again, if they're valid weaknesses, and only a technical change,
why not put it on roadmap and do it?

Perhaps others have other concerns or thoughts to voice.

Nothing untowards, nor trolling, is meant by this thread.
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