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Re: advice on using accounting...

On Thursday 10 February 2011 21:02:15 Aplin, Justin M wrote:
> I've been meaning to ask about this for awhile. Is it more helpful to
> the network to have (using this example) a node running at 100KB/s for
> 12 h/d, or limit it to 50KB/s and have it run 24/7? At what point does
> speed outweigh uptime (or vice versa)?

Based on my experience running a node, first at 20 kB/s and now at 64 kB/s, 
I'd say it's better to keep it at 50 kB/s on all the time. But if your 
bandwidth cap is less than 50 kB/s, it may be better to hibernate. I get full 
64 kB/s throughput some of the time, and not much the rest. I don't know if 
that means someone's downloading a big file and happened to pick me, or if 
there's a daily rhythm to the network usage.

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