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Re: I wish to see one video on you tube

Am 12.02.2011 13:27, schrieb Martino Papesso:
>> I say MAY because if they use flash to check your location, sidestepping tor, then you will get the same restricted message.

If you location was checked with Flash you can use a proxifier like
ProxyCap or Widecap to redirect all traffic from the Flash player to
Tor. A tutorial for using ProxyCap or Widecap for Flash anonymisation
was written by JonDonym. Replace Port 4001 with the Tor listen port 9050
and it will work:


> how to run the second point(you select an exit from a country not
> restricted...)?

You can define a map address in your torrc file:

   MapAddress youtube.com youtube.com.{RO}

Karsten N.
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