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Re: Is "gatereloaded" a Bad Exit?

Hi Geoff,

On Sat, 12 Feb 2011, Geoff Down wrote:

There are a small number of easily identifiable "cons" to letting an exit
run like this, and there are an unlimited number of unknown "pros" to
letting an exit run like this.  You should know this.

Leaving aside the original question of whether to BadExit GateReloaded,
I'm afraid this argument is without merit.
A rational decision can only be made on the basis of that for which you
have evidence. There will always be an infinite number of things for
which you have no evidence, but which you can imagine. Your argument
appears to be equivalent to Pascal's argument for worshipping God -
which has always been open to the rejoinder "which god, worshipped
Until you can quantify the "pros", it is only rational to behave on the
basis of the quantifiable "cons".

That's fair.

Instead of stressing the boundless set of "pros", I will discuss a single, specific "pro", and that is the idea that open, arbitrary systems provide a foundation upon which to build surprising and unexpected combinations.

I wouldn't think that a group of technical people, much less a group of technical people immersed in network architectures would need this explained to them.

Then again, I didn't think we woud be referring to /etc/services as hard, physical laws, either. You live and learn, I guess.
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