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Re: Scroogle and Tor

On Sun, 13 Feb 2011 14:09:56 -0500 (EST)
scroogle@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I've been fighting two different Tor users for a week. Each is
> apparently having a good time trying to see how quickly they
> can get results from Scroogle searches via Tor exit nodes.

I've talked to a few services that do one of the following:

- Run a Tor exit enclave, which would only allow exit through Tor to
  your webservers.  There are a few services that run a tor client and
  simply block every IP in the consensus, except their exit enclave.

- Run a hidden service.  Due to the current state of hidden services,
  it'll slow down everything.

- Run a tor exit enclave against one, non-load balanced server for tor
  users. If someone abuses it, the reality of slower response times is a
  self-enforcing feedback loop. Of course, this sucks for the

- Rate limiting queries in the application.  The Google solution of
  CAPTCHA. The Yahoo/Bing solution of throwing up a temporary error
  page when queries cross some threshold per IP address.

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