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Re: Please Badexit:

2011/2/15 Mike Perry <mikeperry@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> Thus spake morphium (morphium@xxxxxxxxxxxxx):
>> Hi,
>> please BadExit the following nodes (for the same reason you badexit'ed
>> gatereloaded et al. - no valid contact info, they didn't explain their
>> exit policy to us, I suspect they are sniffing unencrypted Exit
>> traffic):
>> TORy0 - 753e0b5922e34bf98f0d21cc08ea7d1adeee2f6b
>> TORy2 - f08f537d245a65d9c242359983718a19650a25f7
> These are running a slightly modified default exit policy. They allow
> 443. They are fine by me.

Oh why? They modified the exit policy and didn't explain here why. And
they allow 80 (unencrypted HTTP as you know) as unecrypted mail ports.
I think they should be definitely blacklisted!

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