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[tor-talk] some common ground on the gatereloaded topic


It has occurred to me that while I do believe that slapping the badexit label on nodes like gatereloaded is both bad engineering and an unsustainable administrative model, it's NOT necessarily a loss of function.

That is, if I do indeed have a bizarro use case, and can't talk about it, as we were arguing about, I can still use the "badexit" labeled nodes as I see fit, yes ? Or do you drop badexits out of the directory after some amount of time ?

The obvious next conclusion is that, since the flags are simply human signifiers, you might reserve "badexit" for nodes we actually see altering packets, etc. (as has been the case), and implement a new tag ("nocrypt" or something) that is explained to end users as "don't use this exit node unless you know what you're doing".

Comments ?
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