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[tor-talk] Workability of the TB in one case

As a Russian lawyer I am intresting in such Internet-resources as
I use a browser "Iceweales 3.0.6" with TB 1.2.5 on Debian Lenny.
It is very pitty but that resource need to enable JS for working with it.
But when I try to indicate a name of my clients into appropriate forms
of that site and to type on tht button "find" I have no effect.
When I do it when the TB is disabled (but under transparently-torified
Linux-user) I can use that resource with full capacity without problem.
And more, when I use for that @Mozilla Firefox 3.6.11@ with TB 1.2.5 on
Ubuntu 9.0.4 under VB I can use it with fully  functionality too.
How can I detect the causes of such strange behaviour?
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