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Re: [tor-talk] TBB Users: We Need New Directions on Torifying Software! Solution Required!

On 2/2/12 5:59 AM, ming@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> This is a repost of important question NOT solved last month.
> Please solve!
> This page:
> Torifying software HOWTO:
> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/TorifyHOWTO
> is now, for most people using the Tor Browser Bundle, obsolete.
> We who use the TBB do not have torify, usewithtor, tor-resolve, socat,
> torsocks, privoxy, polipo and other types of programs within the TBB
> directory.

We had a nice discussion on IRC about the idea of integrating into
Vidalia a funcitonality to provide easy torrification functionalities
for third party application.

Immagine "a console" providing functionalities similar to FreeCAP (
http://www.freecap.ru/eng/) to be available within Vidalia, so that a
user just do:
- Add Application
- Select Application
(Vidalia provide a view of the Application icons that, when started from
here, will be socksified)
- Click on that application from within Vidalia
- That's it

Now that TorCap2 has been applied an opensource license we have the
relevant OSS code to implement it on:
- Windows
- Linux

A functionality like that would probably make most other applications
"obsolete" and unuseful as there will be a simple and unique way to
socksify an application.


p.s. yes, someone will say that it may be dangerous to socksify
application that leak IP address inside their protocol payload. We
cannot prevent users from committing suicide, at maximum we can provide
a warning that suiciding it's not always a good choice.
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