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[tor-talk] TBB conflicting with FireFox as "default browser" on Mac OS X?

Hi all,

I'd file a bug, but I'm not 100% sure if this is a bug in Tor or something else.

The main question I have is if something changed recently in how TBB
uses Launch Services on Mac OS X.

The symptoms I'm seeing is that when I send a URL to be opened by my
default browser in Mac OS X, it tries to open the URL in the version
of FireFox shipped inside TorBrowser_en-US.app.  That is, it seems to
launch FireFox and then stop.  If I have my main (v 10.0) copy of
FireFox open, it will try to launch the v 9.x version of FireFox
shipped in TorBrowser_en-US.app and pop up an error dialog along the
lines of "You already have one copy of FireFox open...".

If I ZIP TorBrowser_en-US.app up, there is no conflict and all things
sent to my default browser open in the FireFox I have open or it opens
that copy of FireFox.

So, being very naïve about these things... I'm wondering if there were
changes made to the TBB version of FireFox for Mac OS X that cause it
to present itself differently to Launch Services.

Anyway, sorry to bore y'all... it's just a bit of a pain to unzip and
zip TorBrowser_en-US.app when I want to use it.

best, Joe

Joseph Lorenzo Hall
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Media, Culture and Communication
New York University
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