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Re: [tor-talk] Basic Orbot question

This is a tricky issue in that what you are seeing is just the Orbot background service loaded in memory, but without it actually doing any thing at all. Android will always start the service on boot, but by deselecting the check box for auto start, the Orbot service knows not to start the connection to the Tor network. It is taking up minimal memory, and not able to access any other data or services, so in fact, it is nearly the same as not running. However, I do understand why you may expect it to not run at all.

We can take a look to see if it is possible for us to entirely stop the background service after the boot sequence. If possible, it would be in the next minor update in a few weeks.


User <webmailbr2005-tor@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>In my Android phone, the option "Start Orbot on Boot" is set to off,
>but Orbot is always listed in "Settings" > "Applications" > "Manage
>Applications" > "Running", every time i turn my phone on. What's the
>reason for that? I don't want Orbot to run without my permission. I'm
>running Orbot on a rooted Motorola MB525
>Defy with stock Froyo. Thanks!
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