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Re: [tor-talk] Unsafe for Tor?

On 02/10/2012 05:01 AM, Gramps wrote:
> Phillip wrote the following on 02/09/2012 06:33 PM:
>> I've had the same problem when I routed my e-mail client to send
>> everything through Tor (via SSL/TLS of course ;))... When I logged on to
>> Gmail (and Facebook for that matter) via the web interface, it would
>> challenge me to prove my identity...
>> Now I just run my whole connection, including my Tor node, through a
>> VPN :)
> That sounds like what I need to do to keep my bank and credit card co.
> from challenging me all the time! Can you give me a reference to
> something that lays out how to set up a VPN to do that?

unless you are somewhere where you can connect to tor, but not to your
vpn provider, why would you tunnel your VPN through tor? hiding the fact
you are using a vpn? traffic shape obfuscation? i'm curious.

you always end up with the same unencrypted/ssl/tls stream from your vpn
endpoint to the destination.

you -> vpn -> tor = makes sense to me
you -> tor -> vpn = not so much


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