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Re: [tor-talk] Running obsfproxy

David Trail, 11.02.2012 13:24:
>>  Shouldn't those addresses be unlisted like "normal" bridges?
> I'm really not sure to be honest, I just set it up and ran it and can see
> it listening on the 1051 port.
> Would you be so kind as to point me to where I can see the list or
> configure it such that it's unlisted like a normal bridge?

"Normal" bridges are sent to the BridgeDatabase (BridgeDB), where they
get into different "pools" for distribution. (Pools = website, email).

There is no public list of those bridges to make blocking harder. I got
told that I shouldn't go out and tell the whole world that I run bridge
and which IP it got.

Bridges can be made private, by not telling the BridgeDB about it's
existence. It's useful when you want to run a bridge, but only your
friends from a restricted country should use it.

As far as I understood the new bridges (with the proxy) need to be send
to tor-assistants@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx manually.

When one tells a public list e.g. "tor-talk" the IP and port of it's
bridge with proxy it could be easily blacklisted, which would make it


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