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Re: [tor-talk] bridge up & down times

On Feb 12, 2012, at 11:38 PM, eliaz wrote:

> I have a few novice questions about a normal bridge I've set up. I've
> not found answers in the documentation.
> * Opposite the one country that's so far listed in the usage summary,
> the #Client column shows "1-8". What does this mean exactly? 1 client?
> eight? 1 client eight times?

between 1 and 8 clients. We don't give more accurate statistics for
safety reasons.

> * When I do have to shut down my machine or stop Tor I'd like to do it
> when no clients are using the bridge. The bandwidth graph spikes every
> few minutes, hard to predict from it when there might be no traffic. Is
> there an app from which over time I could get an idea of when it's least
> disruptive to stop Tor? Can't use Arm; I'm running on windows. I can log
> onto shell accounts via ssh in PuTTY/pageant, if that's any help. Thanks

You can set the ShutdownWaitLength tor configuration option to something
very high, like half an hour or so. That means Tor will continue
servicing ongoing connections, but not accept new ones. Once there are no
more ongoing connections or 30 minutes are up, Tor will exit.
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