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[tor-talk] Tor is out

Tor lets fast exit relays scale better, allows clients
to use bridges that run Tor 0.2.2.x, and resolves several big bugs
when Tor is configured to use a pluggable transport like obfsproxy.


(Packages coming eventually.)

Changes in version - 2012-02-13
  o Major bugfixes:
    - Fix builds when the path to sed, openssl, or sha1sum contains
      spaces, which is pretty common on Windows. Fixes bug 5065; bugfix
    - Set the SO_REUSEADDR socket option before we call bind() on outgoing
      connections. This change should allow busy exit relays to stop
      running out of available sockets as quickly. Fixes bug 4950;
      bugfix on
    - Allow 0.2.3.x clients to use 0.2.2.x bridges. Previously the client
      would ask the bridge for microdescriptors, which are only supported
      in 0.2.3.x, and then fail to bootstrap when it didn't get the
      answers it wanted. Fixes bug 4013; bugfix on
    - Avoid an assert when managed proxies like obfsproxy are configured,
      and we receive HUP signals or configuration values too rapidly. This
      situation happens most commonly when Vidalia tries to attach to
      Tor or tries to configure the Tor it's attached to. Fixes bug 5084;
      bugfix on
    - Properly set up obfsproxy's environment when in managed mode. The
      Tor Browser Bundle needs LD_LIBRARY_PATH to be passed to obfsproxy,
      and when you run your Tor as a daemon, there's no HOME. Fixes bugs
      5076 and 5082; bugfix on

  o Minor features:
    - Use the dead_strip option when building Tor on OS X. This reduces
      binary size by almost 19% when linking openssl and libevent
      statically, which we do for Tor Browser Bundle.
    - Fix broken URLs in the sample torrc file, and tell readers about
      the OutboundBindAddress, ExitPolicyRejectPrivate, and
      PublishServerDescriptor options. Addresses bug 4652.
    - Update to the February 7 2012 Maxmind GeoLite Country database.

  o Minor bugfixes:
    - Downgrade the "We're missing a certificate" message from notice
      to info: people kept mistaking it for a real problem, whereas it
      is seldom the problem even when we are failing to bootstrap. Fixes
      bug 5067; bugfix on
    - Don't put "TOR_PT_EXTENDED_SERVER_PORT=" in a
      managed pluggable transport server proxy's environment.
      Previously, we would put it there, even though Tor doesn't
      implement an 'extended server port' yet, and even though Tor
      almost certainly isn't listening at that address. For now, we set
      it to an empty string to avoid crashing older obfsproxies. Bugfix
    - Log the heartbeat message every HeartbeatPeriod seconds, not every
      HeartbeatPeriod + 1 seconds. Fixes bug 4942; bugfix on Bug reported by Scott Bennett.
    - Calculate absolute paths correctly on Windows. Fixes bug 4973;
      bugfix on
    - Update "ClientOnly" man page entry to explain that there isn't
      really any point to messing with it. Resolves ticket 5005.
    - Use the correct CVE number for CVE-2011-4576 in our comments and
      log messages. Found by "fermenthor". Resolves bug 5066; bugfix on

  o Code simplifications and refactoring:
    - Use the _WIN32 macro throughout our code to detect Windows.
      (Previously we had used the obsolete 'WIN32' and the idiosyncratic

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