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[tor-talk] HOWTO : setting up an obfsproxy bridge on torcloud

Hello, I just finished writing some instructions on how to set up an obfsproxy bridge on torcloud images.


It's largely based on https://www.torproject.org/projects/obfsproxy-instructions.html.en

but differs mainly on two points :

1) the way to fetch .deb files necessary to build obfsproxy, as they are not all included in the ubuntu repos

2) instructions on how to workaround bug #5104 (basically cloning tor's git, hardcoding one port in transport.c and compiling+installing
it), as it affects torcloud image's tor setup.

It should cover most problems/questions torcloud users may have, and be useful in getting more people to set up an obfsproxy bridge

However, it is not the cleanest way to do it, it's only the current simplest way.
Hopefully in a few feeks/months it'll all be a matter of two apt-get install and one torrc modification :)

Let me know if something is wrong with these instructions, and feel free to spread them/reuse/modify them otherwise.

Daniel ".koolfy" Faucon

Tel: Belgium: (+32)(0)487/898.774
     France : (+33)(0)658/993.700
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