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Re: [tor-talk] IP being banned - Help!

Daniel ".koolfy" Faucon wrote the following on 02/17/2012 02:46 PM:
On 17/02/2012 21:07, Gramps wrote:

On this one site I keep getting messages

"Your IP(xx.xx.xx.xx) has been banned by administrator."

I can fix it by going to the Vidalia Control Panel and changing identity, but it is a PITA. Is there any way to stop this from happening
in the first place?

Many TIA,
You may try to restart your modem to get a new IP.
The Vidalia Control Panel has a facility for doing that. No reason to restart anything.

...and try not to do anything that will get you banned in the first place, I guess ?
I don't think I am doing any particular thing to get banned. Just the usual stuff you do on a forum type site.

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