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Re: [tor-talk] Installer for obfsproxy as a Windows service available

On 2012-02-18, awgh <awgh@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

>    A couple of important notes:
>     1)  I have only tested this with TCP mode.  I don't expect UDP to
> work through Socks proxy, but haven't yet tried it.

obfsproxy does not support UDP.

>     2)  Once, obfsproxy died on me and I had to go to Control
> Panel->Administrative Tools->Services and restart the obfsproxy service.
>   This seems to be a one-time crash, though.

It's probably https://bugs.torproject.org/5156 , which is quite
reproducible.  (Fortunately, Roger reproduced it on Linux, where it
was able to give us some information which might let us debug it.)

>    I am planning on adding some additional features to the installer
> bundle, to allow the configuration of shared secrets and the importation
> of existing config files.

I don't think obfsproxy supports that yet.  (Patches welcome!)

Robert Ransom
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