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Re: [tor-talk] Improving Usability of Tor Browser? A new TBB-simple?

> Hi all,
> Here some consideration to create a new simplified TBB version.

For reference, there have been some thoughts already.

> Something to provide the extreme simplicity a user may expect that may
> work having two TBB.

I like your ideas. Even more easy would be to see Tor integrated into
mainstream Firefox as the above described anonymous browse mode similar to
"start private browsing".

> Trying to fix the easiest way, the simpler basic need: browsing
> anonymously (and nothing else).
> -naif

I am not sure how much load the Tor network and how much legal complaints
the exit server admins can handle.

Let's imagine it would be 100% foolproof, i.e. an "start anonymous
browsing" button in Firefox. Wouldn't too many users use Tor and Tor would
become so slow, that it's virtually of no use anymore? And wouldn't even
more fools abuse Tor for evil stuff?

Rather I am not sure how much easiness and anonymity can be combined.
People didn't understand Torbutton, they installed it and logged in into
Facebook with their real name. One who want to be anonymous needs some
decent education first on that topic.

I think, if you improve the easiness to use Tor, which gains more users,
you should, at the same time, use that opportunity, to improve the Tor
network (more bridges or relays). For example, the first, the user presses
the "start anonymous browsing" button, a small one time wizard could pop
up. Then explain what a bridge/relay is, and ask the user, if he wants to
contribute to the network. NAT would be an issue, but why not use upnp an
nat hole punching then?

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