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[tor-talk] Tales from the DNSCrypt: Linux Rising

It's an interesting update and I hope it will widespread along all public
DNS servers.

I am not sure how Tor users could profit from it.
- Exit node can not spy or even worse, spoof and redirect any DNS requests.
- Single point of failure, OpenDNS could be forced to redirect DNS
requests for some unwanted websites to a trap. This means it should not be
used as a 100% DNS replacement for Tor.

For sure it's not recommend to only rely on that new system, but
sometimes, if you suspect DNS spoofing exit node, encrypted OpenDNS may be
a reliable second opinion.

It's nice that DNSCrypt uses TCP, because Tor can forward TCP. It should
work and do not leak behind a transparent proxy. I am curious how to
torifiy it.

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