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[tor-talk] Vidalia & Obsfproxy Bundle?

Does anyone know if such a bundle exists or if there are plans to make one?  The reason I ask is because I know a number of people who would be down to run an Obfuscated Tor Bridge, but are a bit wary of installing Linux as they've either never used it, or are still dependent on a number of programs they use in either Windows or OS X. 

I managed to get such a set up working just fine via tweaking the Tor Browser Bundle that comes packaged with Obsfproxy.  I was thinking about writing up a quick "how to" guide for that approach on either Windows or OS X.  But, if such a standalone Vidalia bundle exists, it would weed out a couple steps (pretty much editing some text and repointing Vidalia to various programs and config files) that would make the instructions simpler for someone who isn't necessarily 100% comfortable with Tor or setting up something like it.
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