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Re: [tor-talk] Scroogle is No More?

Why did you pick seeks over YaCy?
Neither are any good - from what I gather, yacy requires software installed on my machine (yeah, right, why would I want to pollute my machine with some unknown software for the "privilege" of using a bloody search engine?) and seeks isn't any good either, not secure at all! On top of it all, the query strings form part of the URL (http://seeks-project.info/search_exp.php/search?lang=en&q=YaCy&expansion=1&action=expand&engines=&content_analysis=off&ui=stat - for example, check out the "q" parameter), so they are visible to anyone who wishes to track me down.

Scroogle, is/was the best out there - by a mile! Nothing even comes close, unfortunately!
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