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Re: [tor-talk] Scroogle is No More?

Again, the msg you are seeing may not accurately describe the problem.
It does to me! A search engine is interested in my browser privacy settings and whether I use "privacy-oriented browser extensions". It goes on to "advice" me to turn OFF my "privacy-oriented browser extensions" in order to use that same search engine - that message looks pretty clear and straight-forward to me and that is why I won't use this site at all, as I value my privacy. As I already posted, any sane individual out there would do the same.

Their privacy policy has also been certified by Certified Secure.
Which means what to me exactly?!

Before calling them an abomination, you can't know what the problem is at this point.
I have no interest whatsoever in starting to dig out "what the problem is" as to me it is a clear-cut case of yet-another-no-mark-site vying for a customer base to profit from. Thanks, but no thanks!

  I've used "privacy oriented browser extensions" & Ixquick for years.
Well, the fact that you have used ixquick instead of scroogle "for years", given that until a week or so ago scroogle was available speak volumes!

I'm pretty confident that Ixquick doesn't care about users hiding private info from them. They don't require cookies (for basic search), no java,
Do they use javascript?

don't use web beacons / trackers, don't log IP addresses (at all) or keep search terms.
And you know this how, exactly?!

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