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Re: [tor-talk] Scroogle is No More?

--- On Tue, 2/21/12, Mr Dash Four <mr.dash.four@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> To put it simply - I am not at all interested in any of
> that.
> If a search-engine site is there to present search results,
> the last thing on their mind would be what privacy settings
> I have on my browser or what "privacy-oriented extensions" I
> use, let alone "advising" me to switch them OFF in order to
> use the service they provide - I thought you have figured
> this out by now.

A lot of sites are incredibly "broken" if javascript is disabled.  NoScript would be one example of a "privacy plugin" that would thus cause a problem if enabled for some sites.  It's why I'm curious as to what the plugin was that you were using.  I haven't been using ixquick for very long, and still don't use it regularly.  It's one I started messing with scroogle was not always accessible to me for whatever reasons.  Having browsed the site with Mozilla Firefox + Noscript (scripting disabled) + Ghostery + AdBlock Plus + HTTPS Everywhere, + Cookies disabled, in addition to browsing the site via the Tor Browser Bundle + Noscript (scripting disabled) + HTTPS Everywhere + Cookies disabaled, and never having run into the message you describe, I'm curious to reproduce it. 
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