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Re: [tor-talk] Tor bridge with no traffic

On 23.02.2012 08:27, Andreas Krey wrote:
> If anybody in the operational know reads this: What good is it to run
> a bridge that changes its address every day, in view of the way bridge
> addresses are distributed?

From what I understand, this is a problem not of running the bridge on a
changing IP, but a problem of bridge distribution. There are a lot more
ways to distribute bridges you could imagine than are available now.
Also, it highly depends on the country you are distributing IPs to.
Like, there might be countries that don't block Tor bridges at all (for
now and a long time), others might detect them quickly, so changing IPs
are important.

In general I would say: bridges on changing IPs are great, although they
might not too help much at the moment - especially obfs2 bridges.

Moritz Bartl

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