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Re: [tor-talk] LeaseWeb disconnects Tor exit node for forum "spam"

> StopForumSpam report for LEASEWEB ASN16265

It seems pretty clear leaseweb signed themselves up to receive this
report. Or maybe sfs did, but then they'd be spamming leaseweb :)

> We have many other customers that operate anonymous VPN services
> and none of them had any problem blocking abuse generated by
> X-Rumer with the information provided by Stopforumspam

Spambots can target any site. Maybe these customers deployed some
form of agent/header/content blocks. Maybe ask to be put in touch
with them to see what they did.

The problem here is that sfs isn't providing the IP needed to block
a given site. They require an API account from said sites to submit,
so they must have the data. Maybe contact them.

And leaseweb hasn't figured out that that's what you need for an
easy solution... as opposed to content blocks, or complete shutdown.

If you're feeding them 11kEu/mo... you might want to try gaming the
engineers by contacting your leaseweb salesperson. Describe all
your services and their cashflow and philosophical reason for
existing (including Tor), educate, get the beancounter/management
approval and let them overrule or modify the security ticket droids.

Also, people needing email addresses will find a good list here:

Please don't spam with them, obviously.
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