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[tor-talk] vpn over tor, questions


im interrested in tunneling vpn traffic over tor for the purpose of having a static exit ip.
someone from #openvpn told me that it would be possible to trace a x509 certificate back to you.

network configuration:
my client -> vpn -> tor -> vps(vpn server)

assuming you pay for the vps in a safe anonymous way.

he mentioned these ways:  
-Traffic analysis.
-use of any identifying details in the cert.
-compelling you to give up the hardware with your private key (or stealing it.)

traffic analysis:
sure at the vps you could listen for outgoing traffic and look for non encrypted material that if it contains
identifying information youre identity would be known.

details in the cert:
its your cert, just put in the example that came with the howto where you learned to generate one.

they could examine the vps(also traffic analysis), but my hown hardware - how would they know where to look?

is there some other way to tie a x509 certificate back to you?

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