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Re: [tor-talk] Tor with other applications

Karsten N.:
> Hi,
> using old versions of TorBrowserBundle it was possible to edit the
> configuration torrc to set the SocksPort to 9050. It was possible to use
> Tor with Pidgin or Thunderbird+TorBirdy.
> Now the settings are ignored because Vidalia enforced "SocksPort auto"
> by command line argument.
> Any idea how to use Thunderbird+TorBirdy or Pidgin with Tor for Windows
> user. (Linux user may install Tor package and Vidalia and it works.)
> Best regards
> Karsten N.

Hi Karsten,

I'm not sure if this works for you, but I "installed" TBB and changed
the Vidalia setting (Settings > Advanced) to not set the ControlPort
automatically. I picked the old standard 9051.

Then I edited the torrc and at least added

I'm also not sure if
is present by default or if I added it. (Could it be SocksListenAddress
is still the default entry?)

If Vidalia won't let you configure its own config from its interface you
can add
to vidalia.conf

Sebastian (bastik_tor)
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