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[tor-talk] Roger's status report, Jan 2013

Five things I did in January 2013:

1) Continued my rampage to teach law enforcement groups about Tor,
including a US DEA talk, a Dutch regional police talk, a Belgian FCCU
talk, and a Dutch KPN talk; and my parallel rampage to document and
publish the results:
Jake and I also did the closing keynote for the NCSC conference in
the Hague.

2) Helped organize, and attended, an OONI dev meeting in Amsterdam,
between the Tor OONI team, Nick Feamster's Georgia Tech group, and M-Lab:
Thanks once again to Bits of Freedom for hosting us!

3) Released Tor and

4) Read and reviewed a paper from Ralf-Philipp Weinmann's research
group showing some cool new attacks on hidden services. More details
once we've helped them revise their paper for publication.

5) Helped discuss some (but not enough) SponsorF tasks for Karsten.


Three smaller-but-still-useful things I did too:

6) Participated in the Tor annual board meeting, including approving
the budget for the first half of 2013.

7) Helped interview another candidate for our project coordinator
position. It looks like we're finally closing in on picking one!

8) Helped move forward vmon's thread about Stegotorus deficiencies:
See in particular Zack's post in the thread.


Four of my February 2013 plans:

1) Not get on any airplanes.

2) Further help Karsten with SponsorF task tracking.

3) Start some Tor design proposals to fix the issues in Ralf's paper.

4) Catch up on my mailbox (it's October 2012 in my inbox still :/ ).


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