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Re: [tor-talk] Accessing hidden service from same instance

On 2/9/13 1:51 PM, Nathan Freitas wrote:
> If I am hosting a hidden service from an instance of Tor, is there any issue with accessing that service via the same Tor client instance using the .onion address?

Technically, that should be possible.  The Tor process probably won't
even notice that it's acting as client and server.  I'm planning to do
the same thing for measuring hidden service performance in Torperf.  I
didn't try this yet, but I don't expect any issues.

Of course, from an anonymity POV, there's a quite high probability that
you're using the same entry guard for the actual connection between
client and service.  That entry guard could easily detect from traffic
patterns that you're connecting to yourself.  Not sure if that matters
for your use case.


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