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Re: [tor-talk] Another Hidden Service question

> Would modifying "RendPostPeriod" help with this timeout?
> It seems like the lowest value I can set for that is 600 seconds. I
> would rather it be something like 6 seconds for this scenario, but I can
> understand how that might cause a problem.

I can't answer if tor senses and republishes on an ip change, I think the
prior note from tor team (maybe rog?) thinks that it does, so there'd be no
need of this for that purpose. And without the reuse or cancel feature, this
would not help with old descriptors.

I believe this option exists only to handle times where there is a lot
of churn in HSdirs so you don't fall out of the selection in rend-spec.
Without pulling stats on that to see, setting this would have no backing.
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