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Re: [tor-talk] Tor hibernation: Unlinking IP changes from TCP state

> Seems to me that Tor should have a controller command that
> tells Tor to close down all connections, another to confirm things
> are closed (instead of waiting for possible indefinite return on the
> first), and then hibernate till awakened by a complimentary command.

I believe this exists, or at least something similar to it, and was
designed as a kind of "airplane mode" support for use with Orbot. We
trigger this now based on the Android OS radio/network state callbacks.

"DisableNetwork 0|1

When this option is set, we don’t listen for or accept any connections
other than controller connections, and we don’t make any outbound
connections. Controllers sometimes use this option to avoid using the
network until Tor is fully configured. (Default: 0)"

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