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Re: [tor-talk] tor2web - How can I get my hidden service indexed?

Fabio Pietrosanti (naif):
> On 2/14/13 11:37 AM, adrelanos wrote:
>> Hi!
>> How can I get my hidden service indexed by Google, startpage and so on?
>> My page, nothing much to see yet, but I may consider moving Whonix
>> homepage to a hidden service. Without being indexed, it has limited
>> usefulness.
>> http://p4vm6o4n4hbfqxhy.onion
>> http://p4vm6o4n4hbfqxhy.onion.tor2web.org
> Tor2web software by default:
> - setup a robots.txt to prevent search engine scraping
> - block a wide set of Crawler UA to further block search activities
> - prevent hotlinking (from an internet resource to do <img
> src="https://blahblah.tor2web.org/image.jpg";>
> Those kind of features could be disabled on tor2web.conf if a specific
> node operator consider to do it.
> The domains currently running Tor2web are:
> - *.Tor2web.org - 3 node
> - *.Tor2web.fi - 1 nodes run by the guy of Ahmia.fi
> - *.Tor2web.blutmagie.de - 1 node

Should I contact them and politely ask if they activate it for me? Do
they enable it on a by case base?

Or do they all read that list and there is no reason to ask again?
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