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Re: [tor-talk] TorBrowser update???

Did you extract the latest TBB into a new location or over the top of old one?
In the old one, but I deleted every thing first; some thing wired happened thou, when I changed the location of the folder the problem disappeared

Either way, when you're sure the version you're using is x.x.x, & if you look in about:config for an entry that lists the tor browser version (& it's different), that's where it's getting the version #, & why it's still prompting for an update.
In the about:config appeared the right version
That may not be YOUR case, but it can happen if you copy part / all of the old pref.js file into a new version profile. Then it copies over the old version #. There could be other reasons.

If you did something like that & you KNOW you're using the latest version, you can either try extracting it again, or just change the about:config value.
I don't know why, but when I rebooted the pc the problem disappeared (it's normally turned on) - I use W7 X64, may be the problem was OS/explorer related. Thanks!!!
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