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[tor-talk] problems with TorBirdy


I know this is a list for Tor-related issues, but I hope to get a answer for a problem with TorBirdy@Thunderbird and the last update for the TorBrowser. Well, it doesn't work - the torrc now uses the "SocksPort 9150", I changed the TH to the configuration recommended in


And used this port - instead of the 9050 - and it worked. I know it's a poor solution, and I was wondering if it can be fixed at the ConfigEditor of the TH - an update on TorBirdy could be great thou, but I think the fix @TH can do the trick.

Thanks in advance,


PS: I also tried to change the value of the socks port in the TH config - from 9050 to 9150 - with no results.
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