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[tor-talk] Tor Browser for Fedora updated

Hello list,

The Tor Browser repository for Fedora (found here:
) has been updated to Firefox 17 and there are a few things to be aware

1) The Tor Browser for Fedora depends on the system Tor to be running,
and since the default port for the Tor Browser has changed to 9150, the
system Tor configuration also needs to be changed. If you have never
edited /etc/tor/torrc then you won't need to do anything (as the next
update of the tor package will default to running two SOCKS ports, 9050
and 9150). If after the update you see a /etc/tor/torrc.rpmnew file,
then please insert any new directives into /etc/tor/torrc.

2) The profile directory has changed from ~/.mozilla/torbrowser to
~/.mozilla/torbrowser17 although you can restore your bookmarks from
~/.mozilla/torbrowser/bookmarkbackups :
    --> Show all bookmarks
     --> Import and Backup
      --> Restore
Alternatively, you can move the old directory to where the new directory
is, though using the old profile is not recommended.

3) I no longer generate the package using the RHEL packages
(https://gitorious.org/build-tor-browser/build-tor-browser ) but instead
it is now its own package. If you wish you can build the package
yourself using the SRPM from here:

4) I have a modified selinux-policy package in the repository which is a
temporary solution until this bug is resolved (which is caused by Tor
trying to bind to port 9150):

Please do let me know if there are any problems.

Kind regards,

Jamie Nguyen

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