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[tor-talk] Unable to access Tor website

Hi, Tor-list!

Recently, I think South Korea government is starting sensoring Tor. A few days ago, I sent the mail to Tor-talk list about website problem. This thread is related to that.

I used Tor for a year, and there was no problem using Tor. However, I couldn't use Tor official website. I tried to connect Tor website with "SK telecom" 3G network. And there is blog post that explaining Tor website error[1].

In that post, a bloger said "프록시 접속을 통해서 잘 우회가 되는 것으로 보아 당국에서 어떤 조치를 취하고 있는게 아닌가 의심스럽습니다"(In English, I have a doubt that The government(of south Korea) is taking action about blocking Tor website because when i use proxy, I can access Tor website.). In my opinion, I agree this.

Moreover, "실패한 툴(Failed tool):JonDo, Freegate, AdvTor, Ultrasurf, Hotspot shield." is there!

In that post, to download Tor, he recommended using "hide my ass". My first question, is it dangerous because of unknown sever and non-ssl connection?

I can connect Tor network without  bridges, Tor wiki, Tor blog, Tor-talk mailing list and Tor git page.

I think using Gettor is good. Am I believe Gettor service?

I never believe Tor websever has a problem so long. South Korea government shouldn't sensor Tor website.  Is there anyone to give me a good idea or advise, please?


[1] http://m.blog.naver.com/PostView.nhn?blogId=moon7up&logNo=70153003567 (Lang:ko)

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