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[tor-talk] Tor Browser Bundle version info

Thank you for providing the Tor Browser Bundle.

I just downloaded the latest Tor Browser Bundle, 2.3.25-4.  Before
attempting to upgrade, I tried to check to see what version was
currently installed.  I went to:
	TorBrowser -> About
which told me that I was running FireFox 10.0.7.  I clicked on the
'Check for Updates' button, and was told that I was up to date.

But I am not up to date for my TBB, so this appears to be a misleading
assurance.  I am up to date for the underlying FF version with TBB is
using, but then, that is always the case, since TBB uses its own FF.

I then brought up my FireFox browser directly, and found that it was
18.0, and used to the 'update' button to update to 19.0.

So, the FF versions that TBB is using are old (which is to be
expected), but the information that 'About' gives me is not the TBB
version (which would be useful), but instead the version of the
underlying FF (which is not useful).

So my question is:

1. Is there any way to interrogate a running version of TBB to find
out what the version number is?

By the way, the platform is an iMac, running OSX 10.7.5.
I suspect I am running version 2.3.25-1 of TBB, but I don't know how
to verify that (hence this note).


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