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Re: [tor-talk] FW: Estimate Deep Web

> Vanderlei Gugel:
>> hello okay? We Vanderlei Gugel and Ariel Schwendler We are students
>> of Information Systems at the University of the West of Santa
>> Catarina (UNOESC) and we are developing a work of completion on the
>> Deep Web and we challenge you to try to estimate the amount of
>> sites that have the Deep Web Please ask if you have as you help us
>> with that, if you do not have to tell us the size. help in giving a
>> hint how we could do this. Thank you very much. 
> There may be interesting reading for you in the January archives
> for this mailing list. They are here:
> https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-talk/2014-January/subject.html
> The post 'Terminology: Deep v Dark Web' originated by Katya Titov
> might be a good start. We would, I'm sure, welcome any thoughts or
> results that you and your group might have on the matter.

An academic study into the size of the deep web would certainly be
welcome. A study from BrightPlanet[0] may provide some insight into your
research. Pointers to any other papers or research that you find would
also be most welcome.

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