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Re: [tor-talk] Obfsproxy on Raspberry Pi

Patrick ZAJDA <patrick@xxxxxxxx> writes:

> Le 11/02/2014 15:56, Lunar a Ãcrit :
>> Patrick ZAJDA:
>>> I want to set an obfuscated bridge on my Raspberry Pi.
>>> When I do sudo apt-get source obfsproxy apt notices me it needs 
>>> python-pyptlib which cannot be found.
>>> How can I install python-pyptlib on Raspbian?
>>> I know python-pyptlib is available on backports, but no backports
>>> exist for Raspbian.
>> python-pyptlib and obfsproxy are both âArch: allâ packages and
>> should be usable directly on Raspbian.
> OK, thanks for clarifying this.
> So on a Raspberry Pi Tor has to be compiled (using apt-get source tor
> etc), and obfsproxy can be installed using sudo apt-get install obfsproxy.
> I finally chose to use pip install obfsproxy even if installing it
> using sudo apt-get install obfsproxy is easier and quicker, to have
> scramblesuit features.
> I did:
> sudo apt-get install python-pip
> sudo pip install obfsproxy --upgrade
> And set my torc file successfully.


I was just wondering, which version of Tor are you using?

If you are using a version older than, then scramblesuit will
not work properly. Please upgrade to tor- if you can, by using
the latest git master. :)

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