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Re: [tor-talk] Receiving money under a protected identity

On 02/12/2014 06:08 AM,
BM-2cTpEdTADjx2bQf6WuuX1CPER78Sq3xL76@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hello list
> I am currently negociating to publish an article, the first of a few. It
> is about someone with political power in some Easter Europe country. The
> magazine does not want a creative common article as they do not want other
> publications to copy it. Meaning I have to be paid. Now, I know there are
> enough people to have access to the list of payments, people paid bad
> enough to be easily corrupted. I am living abroad. Still, I do not want my
> relatives to suffer because of my articles. Is there a way the magazine
> can make the payment and the people working in Accountancy won't know the
> name of the receiving person?
> Cheers!

Does anyone at the magazine know your true name? If so, it may already
be too late to worry about methods for anonymous payment.

Bitcoin and forks/descendants can be as anonymous as you like. You can
mix a few times through BitLaundry and Bitcoin Fog using Multibit
clients in multiple Whonix instances.[1]

Cashing out Bitcoin etc anonymously is much harder. So is buying
physical things that must be shipped somewhere.

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