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[tor-talk] Overhaul of volunteers section of website


I was wondering if anyone has interest in helping us with a small
partial redesign of the Tor volunteer page. Currently, it is a big wall
of text, and most of it is directed towards software developers.


In a short brainstorming session, we came up with a list of categories
that we want to split up the volunteer opportunities to, as well as
"ownership" positions so potential volunteers can more easily reach out
to someone human.

So, one part of my question is: Are we missing "obvious" categories for
volunteering? What do you think of the plan?

The second part of my question is: Looking at eg. Mozilla [1], or the
Tails project [2], I think we really should have nice icons/graphics
representing the different sections. A simple link list isn't going to
cut it. So, if anyone of you enjoys looking through clipart, it would
be awesome to get a nice set of these, with an acceptable license,
ideally Public Domain.

The categories we came up with:

 * Software Development
   -> move most of current content there
 * Strengthen the Network
   -> run Relays
   -> donate to Torservers orgs
 * Help with Outreach
   -> flyers, infomaterial, logo, posters
   -> get marketing material for booths etc
 * Designers
   -> design flyers, infomaterial, logo, posters ;)
 * Translators
 * Writers
   -> pointers to documentation that needs work
 * Tor User Groups
   -> meet local Tor fans and contributors
   -> -> -> get invited to annual Tor meetings etc

[1] https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/contribute/ Opportunities
[2] https://tails.boum.org/contribute/index.en.html

Moritz Bartl
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