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Re: [tor-talk] My solution to Tor Browser remember password bug

On 2/28/2014 11:25 AM, Edgar S wrote:
I've complained here before that the remember password feature in some
long previous versions of Tor Browser no longer works. I've accepted it
will likely never come back. So I've found the following solution. Maybe
it will also work for others, discussion welcome.

In summary, I've installed a password manager, which I've gotten to work
with the latest TBB, and also not compromise security.

The password manager I chose was RoboForm.
You could just try open source, well tested password managers that have excellent reps.
I'm not sure Robo (full, uncrippled) can be had "for free."  But...

Keepass Password mgr & Password Safe are both open source, maintained, excellent reps.
Keepass may be a bit more secure, but not by much.  Both are on Sourceforge.
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