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Re: [tor-talk] Tor -> VPN Clarification

My take (on his take :) ) was that;

a) trusting a VPN for security is a bad idea because no VPN operator is going to go to jail for you (see HideMyAss and Sabu etc) b) he assumes most VPN accounts can be tied back to you; almost no-one is going to bitcoin+tor every interaction with their VPN provider c) given a+b, relying on a VPN as your exit is a bad idea for anyone with a FBI/CIA level opponent

This is a big generalization though; you could anonymise every interaction with the VPN, use a Russian VPN, chain VPNs together etc.

On 01/02/15 07:36, Mirimir wrote:
On 01/31/2015 11:53 PM, Seth wrote:
On Sat, 31 Jan 2015 17:47:20 -0800, Mirimir <mirimir@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I didn't make the claim, I just linked to it. If you want to
challenge the claim, best take it up with the person making it.
Hey, no problem. But when I see misinformation, I say something.

I think he makes a good point in this slide however.


* VPNs provides _privacy_

* TOR provides _anonymity_

* Confuse the two at your peril
Those are uncontroversial statements. But they don't speak to the claim
that getting your anonymity more privately makes it less anonymous.

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