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Re: [tor-talk] Fwd: I Encourage Everyone, Right Here And Now, To Donate Money To His Three Main Security Programs, Which He Uses The Most!

On 07/02/2015 09:47, Lara wrote:
> grarpamp:
>>> So Facebook is not that evil after all.
>> But on balance, merely a political photo op.
> I forgot The Church of Scare has deemed Facebook the work of the Devil.
> My bad for the blasphemy.
Bit of both, I suspect.

Facebook are never going to do anything to threaten their core business,
which is selling their "user base" to advertisers; gnupg is certainly no
threat to that.

Almost certainly, the 50K will be coming out of the marketing/publicity
budget, and could well be quietly forgotten when the next payment date
rolls around if they don't seem to be getting sufficient kudos for the
support for their money. However, on that scale? 50K won't buy you a 30s
advertising slot on most big national networks, even at less popular
times of day; if Facebook get the equivalent marketing benefit of one
ad's worth of attention from it, then it was cheap at the price for them.

I would much rather the gnupg project got the cash than (say) the Fox
news network, and if all it takes is for enough people to mention
(preferably *on* Facebook) the payment in positive terms, for Facebook
to see gnupg (and possibly even Tor or other valuable projects) as a
good place to spend their marketing dollars, than I can't see any reason
NOT to give them a public backpatting for it.
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