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Re: [tor-talk] Tor as a network filter

On 2015-02-09 9:51 am, Yuri wrote:
On 02/09/2015 00:55, spencerone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Yes, "..separate identification from routing.â, but isn't Tor filtering my connection to the internet by routing my connection through its network? Because, if so, I am wondering if it is possible to have that onion routing process do more than just automatically proxy my connection. I am thinking it could allow me to deny certain connection attempts completely while allowing others. If applications can make connections to the internet through the Tor network, via Orbot or TorBirdy, for example, how much control can I have over this on a desk/laptop environment?

Where would I look to find information on this? Is Vidalia or "system Tor" relevant to this?

No, tor doesn't filter anything. The closest definition of what tor is
would be "routing software". It routes user traffic through the
anonymization network. There is no degree of control in terms of what
is and isn't sent beyond the fact of connection. You need to really
read about tor in order to understand it. But "filter" concept doesn't
describe tor in any way. This is the misunderstanding.


No problem. :)

Yuri is correct. Tor does not provide an internet filter for applications.

Sounds like you are looking for what is known as an "Application Firewall".

An application firewall would be on the desktop machine or as a separate machine on the network, in-between your apps and the regular or Tor internet connection.

Then the rules you set for the application firewall would determine which apps get access to the internet or Tor, and at what times of day, for which users, etc.

Potential configurations might look like:

Applications --> Application Firewall --> Tor Network --> Normal Internet

Applications --> Application Firewall --> Normal Internet

Whonix works good for sending your OS's traffic through the Tor network. An application firewall could also be installed with Whonix or other systems by the user to control the filtering of access on a per application basis.

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