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Re: [tor-talk] Tor over SSH (torsocks) (?)


It sounds like you need to do a little introspection on why you want
to torify your ssh. You've already confessed to having a lack of faith
in your own technical ability. You need to ask yourself the
question--what is my threat model? You want to connect to a VPS--how
did you pay for this VPS? If you didn't pay for it using anonymous
currency then you might consider that torifying your ssh access will
provide limited anonymity if a (digital) paper trail exists. Without
using a hidden service you need to consider that the port you use on
your VPS will influence the choice of exit relay. Even if you use a
hidden service you need to trust the HS guard. If you use a hidden
service and your guards come under attack you may end up being unable
to connect to your VPS. In any case you may experience dropped
connections or the limited ability to connect. Which means you'll need
fallback connection methods or a server setup to detect-correct

tl;dr Based on Roger's response you could use torsocks just fine. That
won't change needing to secure access (ie key-based auth). So you'll
need to read the man pages irregardless. Focusing on access via tor
before knowing how to secure your VPS will come back to haunt you.
That's why I recommend netcat via proxycommand. Why use torsocks if
you don't have to. It's not like you won't be editing the config files
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