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Re: [tor-talk] TBB update experience

Am 2015-02-28 um 07:37 schrieb Andreas Krey:
> Hi all,
> the auto-update experience of the tor browser bundle is
> a bit strange. I'm somewhat used to the 'please update
> now' popup (and like it very much). But if/when I start
> TBB while an update is due I get the 'please click here
> to update' welcome page - which leads not to an update
> but to downloading (and installing) a completely new bundle.
> If I *don't* follow that hint then after some time the
> 'please update now' popup will appear, but it took me
> some time to be trained to wait for that. It would be
> very helpful when one could start the update process
> manually (and the welcome page would hint how to do
> this).
> On Win8.1 I even got a short notification on the task
> bar about a pending update immediately after starting
> TBB, but I wasn't fast enough to click there, and
> unable to find a way to manually trigger the update
> process.
> (I have three TBB installations so I get a
> bit of occasions to experience the updates.)
> Andreas

the "about" window in "help" lets you do a normal update. I think this
is quite new and not yet the most secure way, but it works for me.

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